Busy weekend….

Good evening Crave Rum family and friends, very busy weekend for Crave Rum. Its been raining excessively on and off here in Florida and the orders are pouring in as well, the perfect match for family and friends gathering is Crave Rum decadent rum cakes.

You may place orders via:

https://www.facebook.com/Crave-Rum (check out notes tab for full listing of flavours)





Accepting payments via Venmo for your convenience:


Thank you all for choosing Crave Rum.

Crave Rum ~ The Rum Cake King


Good evening Crave Rum family and friends

As everyone settles in for the night with loved ones preparing to make the first woman you ever loved feel special tomorrow remember its not just making mom special for one day on Mothers Day. Everyday love and affection should be shared, tomorrow is not promised and you can never undo once the damage is done.

Thank you all who preordered Crave Rum cakes, made with love and delivered with lots of care to make tomorrow as special as your mothers.

Live… Love… Laugh…

The Rum Cake King Crave Rum

Mother’s Day preorder….

Good evening Crave Rum family and friends, hope and pray everyone has been enjoying this beautiful weekend regardless of the dreary weather but all the same its still a blessing.

Place your orders for decadent flavorful rum cakes your family would fall head over heels. What a way to show your love with Crave Rum rum cakes.

Website is still under construction, please place your orders via:





Love & Blessings,

The Rum Cake King – Crave Rum.

Great day Crave Rum family!!!

It was a phenomenal evening at the Las Olas wine and Food Festival #lowff. Cakes and smiles were in abundance and over flowing. My team were amazing, couldn’t ask for a better team; Veronica & Terri were awesome (not related as many thought they were my daughters).

And as always the cakes were all served and a many didn’t have tbe chance to part take in the decadent flavours of Crave Rum, sad but true….

Please stay tuned in the mist of the Crave Rum website going through maintance/upgrading, lots of ideas and flavours are going through my mind as well.

Orders are still welcome and accepted via:

754-484-0431 (please leave voicemail)




Remember nothing is promised, live life to the fullest. You only live once.

Best regards,

The Rum Cake King: Crave Rum

Good afternoon Crave Rum family

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day, blessed and full of possiblties.

On our way to the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival, hope to see you there.

Just wish to pass along the Crave Rum website (www.craverum.com) is currently under maintenance, revamping the site with new ideas and surprises for you all.

You all can still reach out to me via:




The rum cake king Crave Rum

Extra, Extra Read All About Crave Rum At the Las Olas Wine & Food Festival!!!

Good Afternoon Crave Rum Family,

I know it has been a minute since there has been any word from the Rum Cake King, a lot of things have been going on behind the scenes that I will let everyone in on later. I feel that I have let my followers down somewhat in not keeping the Crave Rum Family in touch and posting on Crave Rum. All I can say is that things have been a little tough and hope you can all understand.

I normally start posting about a month before any event that Crave Rum does, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get that done in time.  #LasOlasWineandFoodFeastival is coming and we are less than a week away from a show that I hold very dear to my heart. Out of all the events that I have done the #LOWFF is the only one that still gives me butterflies! It brings the best of my baking talents out!

I started this event back in 2013 which was the first time that I ever won award for my decadent rum cakes, it continued thru 2016 where I walked away with two awards that year: “Best Dessert” & “Most Unique”. No awards were issued last year 2017, but if you were to speak to the Crave Rum crew they would have told you we would of won that year as well. This year I was informed there will be awards to be won and if we win it that would make a total of 6 that we would have walked away with, what great way for LOWFF to remember true art in food by Crave Rum when it comes to desserts.

We will be displaying over 20 unique decadent flavors at the event this year including the signature LOWFF rum cake in honor of the event (Pineapple, Mango & Coconut) Here’s the complete list of flavors that will be there:



Well the time has come to get the ovens hot and make masterpieces that will never be found in the rum cake industry. Hopefully when you think of the best rum cake you think Crave Rum! Please stop by our booth to say hello and try some awesome rum cake, we would love to me you!


If you are interested in tickets to the Las Olas event Friday April 20, 2018, click on the link below for Details:

  • WIN 2 TICKETS to the Las Olas Wine & Food Festival!
    Share this Event, “Like” the South Beach, Miami and American Lung Association in Florida: South Florida pages and the Winner will be chosen the Week of the Festival!
  • Use Promo Code SOUTHBEACHMIAMI for 15% OFF TICKETS!!!
    Tickets Include All Food and Drinks!

Always  love one another and enjoy the time you have with your love ones, let them know you care.

Remember tomorrow isn’t promise to you, so live life to its fullest!

Love Always,

Rum Cake King



Happy Birthday Brandon….

Wishing a FANTABULOUS birthday to Brandon, the founder of the Chocolate Peanut Butter Rum cake…

Not available but may be ordered with many other decadent flavors available on my website.

Wishing him many more…

From the 👑 Cake King 👑